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Buying and Selling Distressed Properties

The changing economic times are generating challanges and opportunities.  For example there are stilll and will be for a time foreclosures and short sales advertisied.  Are they good buys, is the buyer protected, are there hidden disadvantages for a buyer and what are the ramifications of the Alabama 12 month redemption period?  These, and many other questions should be answered before purchasing property.  Recently, I completed the last of many classes focusing on the foreclosure, short sale, loan modification, and loan reinstatement procedures and policies now directed by the Federal Government.  Talking about the options will help the decision process.  Just send an e-mail to or call 251/752-0158 to discuss the new changes and opportunities availble today.

Buying your first home


Making the decision to purchase your first home takes a great deal of thought, such as how much can I afford, is now the right time to buy, how long will I stay in this property and on and on.  Making the decision by yourself is tough so talk with someone who can help you analyze the pros and cons.  Someone who can help you crunch the numbers on the house papyment rather than guessing and someone who will put your concerns first.  Each location in our area has specific insurance requirements and if you do not talk with a professional real estate agent you could end up finding the home of your dreams and quallify because the monthly insurance payment is too high, or there may be an associaion fee you do not want to pay. 

Interest rates today are very attractive and home prices have reached a very reasonable level.  So if you are thinking that the time may be right call and start the investigating process and get on that path to home ownership.  Real estate professionals are your best asset and will walk with you through every step of the purchasing process. The $8,000 Tax Credit has been renewed and used properly will help in your first years cash flow.  For details on the New Tax Credits for first time or non-first time just call.

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